Kichler Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting

It can be hard to diagnose any problem with your electrical appliance. It can be very difficult. The problems can be of different nature such as the Kichler fan won’t turn on. then the question arises, whether the problem is with the fan itself or the wiring of your house? The issue can be fixed whether it is electrical-related problem or a mechanical issue, you have to turn all the stones.

So, let’s have a look at them.

Kichler Ceiling Fan is not working

This is the simplest one that you switch on your Kichler fan and it is not working or it won’t turn on at all. To fix this issue, the first thing is to check all the control to ensure they are working fine. If it supports a pull chain, use it. If the Kichler fan has a reverse switch on its housing, switch the two positions. Ensure that the switch is entirely in one position rather than in the middle position. If you are using remote to control it, try to change the batteries first. If the fan contains a pull chain, the usage of remote can be prevented, try to use them to keep remote out of the list.

The next thing you should consider is whether your Kichler ceiling fan is with a light kit or without it? Is the light kit working or does not turn on? If the fan and the light have stopped working, then focus on it closely. To perform the checking, you will need a ladder. Pull down or lower the canopy of the fan. The wires are connected in a proper manner? After checking that, is it receiving power. Is the wall switch on or off, or your breaker is flicked off. Lastly, you will have to examine the white wire. Check that the white wire is reaching to both the fan as well as the light inside the switch housing.

If none of them is working, you should contact an electrician or there is a fault in the fan.

If the light is working on your Kichler fan, but the fan won’t turn on

If the fan is not moving but the light is working, it is good. It means that the power is reaching some parts of the unit – perhaps not to the whole fan. Examine the inside of the canopy for a black wire, and check whether it is connected or not. Check the rest of the wires to ensure that they are fine (not loose or disconnected). If the black wire is connected, check where it is connected.

If the Kichler fan is without a light kit

If the fan does not have a light kit, it is essential to check the wiring. The only difference is that these wire colors might not need to be linked: red, blue, black/white striped wire (it is inside the canopy and switch housing). If these wires are available, it means that the fan supports the light kit and you have not installed them.

Until then, they are not connected.

kichler ceiling fan wiring diagram 3

This Kichler ceiling fan diagram will be helpful, to guide you on how the wires connect to the fan and light. These days, the wiring for most brands is common and generic. So, you will be able to use this knowledge on the next fan too.

My Kichler ceiling fan is wobbling or shaking when turn on

To fix this issue, our recommendation is to go through our guide on balancing your Kichler ceiling fan. One thing to keep in mind is that, with the passage of time, dust and dirt can gather on the top of your ceiling fan blades. If the blades remain uncleaned for a long time, it will cause the blades to go out of alignment. You can use a balancing kit to check the alignment. This kit uses weights attached to the fan blades in order to re-align them. Once you are able to find the blade that is out of alignment, the issue can be resolved with ease. A blade balancing kit comes in handy in this situation to eradicate the issue until there is no other blade with this problem.

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