Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan Manual

The Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan is a 52 inch LED ceiling fan which indicates it has LED lights. LED lights provide brighter light and the bulbs will last for a longer time as compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs. In most cases, the lighting fixture also remains easier on the eyes as compared to the other types we mentioned before.

Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan
Kichler Compass 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

In the Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan Manual, you will get the safety information, installation tools, package contents (what you will get in the box), and how to install a Kichler ceiling fan. the installation instructions include the fan blades attaching, lighting plate installation, lighting fixture and shade installation, motor installation and all of the pieces needed to entirely install the fan. If you follow the given instructions, you will be able to install the fan.

We have also added a video for you that you can watch below video to get help in terms of installing your Kichler Ceiling Fan – this below video has a step-by-step guide, and also it contains tips from the manufacturer.

Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan Manual (Instruction Manual in PDF)

Download the Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan Manual below in a PDF file. You can open the manual to find the installation, troubleshooting or other details that you need.

Click here to download the Kichler Compass Ceiling Fan Manual and view it in a PDF reader.

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