Kichler Ceiling Fan Downrod

A downrod plays an important role in holding the Kichler ceiling fan securely to the ceiling. It ensures that the fan is properly mounted and positioned at an appropriate distance from the ceiling. Without a downrod, the ceiling fan would need to be flush-mounted to the ceiling, which may not always be ideal for optimal airflow and cooling.

It’s important to note that the downrod provided with your Kichler ceiling fan is specifically designed and manufactured to work with that particular fan model.

Trying to use a downrod from another fan could lead to compatibility issues, such as misaligned screws and other requirements, and may compromise the fan’s safety and stability.

The downrod is responsible for supporting the weight of the fan, so it’s essential to ensure that the weight is distributed proportionally to maintain the fan’s structural integrity. Improper weight distribution could lead to the fan falling from the ceiling, posing safety risks.

Typically, the downrod comes included with the ceiling fan. However, if you encounter any issues with the downrod and need a replacement, it’s recommended to contact Kichler customer or technical support. They will be able to assist you in finding the correct and compatible replacement downrod for your specific Kichler ceiling fan model, ensuring safe and effective operation.

Kichler 60 Inch Downrod

Here is the Kichler 60 inch downrod which is available.

Model number: 360005BSS

kichler 60 inch downrod
Finish: Brushed stainless steel

This 60-inch downrod designed for your Kichler ceiling fan is suggested for use in dry locations only. It is specifically recommended for ceilings that are approximately 14 feet high.

Note: Important safety information to consider is that for rooms with low ceiling clearance, the fan blades should be positioned at least 7 feet from the ground.

Kichler 36 Inch Downrod

Model number: 360003OZ

If you are looking for the below downrod, click on the image below. At the time of this writing, this downrod costs $34.36 but this is a sale price and can be changed periodically.

kichler 36 inch ceiling fan downrod
Finish: Old Bronze

The 36-inch downrod is designed with an outside diameter of 1 inch. It is recommended for use with 12-foot ceilings.

Note: Items with electrical plugs, are specifically designed for use in the USA. If you intend to use this product internationally, in a location with different outlets and voltage standards, you may need to use an adapter or converter to ensure compatibility.

Before purchasing and installing the downrod, make sure to check the compatibility with the electrical system of your destination to avoid any issues or safety concernsBottom of Form.