Kichler Barrington Ceiling Fan Manual

The Kichler Barrington is one of the prominent fans of Kichler. If you prefer more blades, then this model can be ideal for you. They offer a good amount of airflow in your space. If you are looking for a Kichler Barrington ceiling fan manual, then you are at the right place. We have listed the PDF below.

Kichler Barrington generates a good airflow efficiency of more or less 67 CFM/W. So, this fan does make sense and can be an ideal choice. The total CFM produced by the fan is 4826. When you look at its dimensions, the blade span is 52 inches, 13.75 inches in height, and the base backplate is about 5.875 × 5.875.

It has a motor size of 172 × 15 which is an AC induction-type motor, that can be regarded as a high-quality motor. This motor is manufactured from high-quality steel material, which provides efficiency. Kichler’s warranty is also good enough so the homeowners can trust the motor quality with its service. The installation of this model does not consume enough time, but it does need a distance of at least 7 ft from the floor. The interior side will be used for installation and the lead wire length is 54 inches. The Kichler Barrington Ceiling Fan is available with five blades to provide maximum performance.

Kichler Barrington Ceiling Fan
The Kichler Barrington Ceiling Fan look attracts your eyes. Some found it useful and others consider it ugly. We have our own opinion about it.

The ceiling fan comes with a sleek black finish. The best part about Kichler is that you get a good warranty period. If you are using it for your house, the warranty period will be at least 5 years. If you will use it for commercial purposes, the warranty lasts for 3 years. Most parts come with one year warranty.

Kichler Barrington Ceiling Fan Manual (Instruction Manual in PDF)

Download the Kichler Barrington Fan Manual below in a PDF file. You can open the manual to find the installation, troubleshooting or other details that you need.

Click here to download the Kichler Barrington Manual and view it in a PDF reader.

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