How Do I Reverse the Direction of My Kichler Ceiling Fan?

You will have to change the direction of your Kichler ceiling fan in winter to enjoy the warm air by turning it in the opposite direction. Both hot and cool air are needed in order to maintain the room temperature. In the summer season, the fan will remain in a counter-clockwise direction to generate a cool breeze in the season. So, to use it at the optimum level, you should manage or change the direction of the blades as per the requirement of the climate.

A reverse switch will be required on your ceiling fan to change its direction. Some ceiling fans contain a normal switch available on the light board whereas other ceiling fans use cords or pull chains that can be used for operation and hang around the center. To adjust the functions, you can pull the cord or change the ceiling fan to reverse directly from there.

Do not try to use your hand to stop the fan blades or you will harm your hands. it will eventually stop and will not take enough time to stop completely and that is the reason it will be wise to wait for a few seconds to move on to the next step to start working.

The first thing you need to do is to locate the switch of your ceiling fan that reverses the direction of the blades. If we look at conventional ceiling fans, then we see that they have a switch around the cord that you can press to alter the blade’s direction. If you are using a modern unit, then you need to use the switch available on the remote. By pressing the button, the direction of the blades will be reversed.

The direction of the blades will be changed to the opposite direction by pushing the switch. Ceiling fans, generally, work most of the summer and we need to reverse the direction in cold months.

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