Kichler Ceiling Fan Wall Control

When it comes to controlling Kichler ceiling fans, there are mainly three types of controllers available:

  1. Wall switch: This is one of the simplest options and is installed on the switchboard. Some wall switches can be controlled by twisting buttons, while others may have a speed mechanism for ease of use. Consulting an electrician can be the best option to determine which wall switch suits your specific situation.
  2. Remote control: Almost all the latest Kichler ceiling fans come with remote control. Using a remote control provides convenience as you can easily change fan settings without having to move from your location. The remote allows you to control both the fan and the lights installed on it, eliminating the need to go to the switchboard for adjustments.
  3. Pull cord: This is the oldest type of controller and is typically found on traditional and classic fan types. Using a pull cord involves manually pulling on a cord to change the fan’s speed or turn it on and off

Ultimately, the choice of controller depends on personal preference and the specific features of the ceiling fan model. Whether you go for a wall switch, remote control, or pull cord, each option has its advantages and can enhance the overall convenience of operating your Kichler ceiling fan

When considering the cost aspect, wall controls can be slightly more expensive compared to remote control options. This is because wall controls require additional wiring for their installation, which can increase the overall cost of the setup.

On the other hand, remote controls are generally more affordable since they don’t involve any additional wiring and can be easily installed without major modifications to the existing electrical setup. It’s still a good idea to consult with an electrician before making a decision

Kichler Ceiling Fan Wall Control vs. a Remote Control (Durability Comparison)

Wall controls, being mounted to the wall, are not prone to accidental drops or mishandling like remote controls. The fixed position of the wall control ensures that it remains securely in place and is not prone to physical damage due to mishandling.

Additionally, wall controls are typically mounted higher up on the wall, out of the reach of children, which adds to their durability. Their elevated positioning reduces the likelihood of them being tampered with or accidentally knocked off the wall.

On the other hand, standard ceiling fan remotes are handheld devices that are more prone to being dropped or misplaced, which can lead to wear and tear over time. Remote controls can also be affected by battery issues or signal interference, leading to the need for troubleshooting or replacement.

If you are getting problems and want to troubleshoot your Kichler ceiling fan remote, you need to read our troubleshooting tips before getting a new one.

Kichler Ceiling Fan Wall Control Reviews

Kichler 56K Wall Control System

This wall control system serves as a replacement for the pull chain in your Kichler ceiling fan, and it is compatible with most pull chain fans, including other brands. Being UL wet listed, it is suitable for exposure to sun, water spray, and rain, making it perfect for open porch designs. Its durable finish ensures resistance against elements like snow or rainy weather, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

kichler wall control system

Kichler 4 Speed Rotary Wall Switch

For those looking for a straightforward switch to control fan speeds 1-2-3-4, this wall switch is the ideal choice. However, it is essential to note that your ceiling fan must be capable of operating at four speeds for this switch to be compatible. Any fewer or more speed options would make this switch impractical.

The convenience of this wall switch extends beyond a single fan, as it has the capacity to control up to 3 fans simultaneously. With this single wall remote, you can turn all fans on or off, and adjust them to high speed or lower speeds, offering a convenient and centralized control solution for multiple fans.

kichler 4 speed rotary wall switch