Kichler Ceiling Fans Phone Number

When it comes to getting support from Kichler company, whether you are looking for a part or facing a problem, it will be helpful to call the manufacturer. Although we are not the manufacturer, we try our best to give you the best advice and support to help you. However, sometimes, you may have to contact Kichler to get the support that you need.

We also ask you to leave a comment on this website and we will try our best to help you with your query and give you the best answer for it. You can also ask for a Kichler replacement part, or if you need help with repair or information related to support, we will try our best to assist you. At times, you may find the answer to your questions by looking for them online on other websites too.

There is also a chance that anyone may have asked the same question on the forum it is already answered by someone.

Call Kichler Customer Support or Technical Support

Are you looking for support from the manufacturer? Below we have listed the phone numbers to get Kichler ceiling fan customer support or technical support. You should remember that we are not the manufacturer. We are just trying to help you out in case, you are looking for a way to contact Kichler technical support for your model, just dial the number available below:

Kichler support is available from 8 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

Phone number: 866-558-5706

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