How to install a Kichler Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions

It may seem a difficult task to install a Kichler ceiling fan, but if you are familiar with the procedure it can be done easily with a few steps. The first step is to follow the manual properly that came with the fan package, which usually contains installation instructions in it.

If you already have an existing fixture, you need to remove the old fixture in order to install the new fan. Whether you are installing or uninstalling a fan, you need to turn off the power and ensure it.

After that, the next step is to install the ceiling fan bracket that is available in the fan’s package. To install it, you have to connect it to the joists or you have to insert it into a brace that is located between the joists, which entirely depends on the type of ceiling fan you have got.

After that, you need to wire the fan. To wire it, you have to keep the wires end together to connect them with wire nuts. Now, twist the wire clockwise to ensure that there is no loose wire.

It is not hard to install a ceiling fan if you follow the step-by-step process. However, if you don’t know how to install a fan, you can also get help in this task from a licensed professional.

After that, you need to complete the installation of the motor housing or canopy. If your ceiling fan needs a downrod, it will need you to complete the canopy’s installation.

If your model is a low-profile ceiling fan, then you will have to install the motor housing.

After that, the next step is to ensure that all the screws are perfectly tightened and placed appropriately.

Now, it is time to install the blades on the metal housing. It also depends on the type of ceiling fan, some units have three blades while some of them may have four. Either way, the process of blade installation will remain the same.

The next step is to connect the lighting fixture. You have to ensure that your fan comes with a quick connect feature in the switch housing.

After finishing the installation, now it is time to start operating it using the remote control. Remote controls are of two types including handheld remote or wall remote controls.

You can use handheld remotes from anywhere, you just have to make sure that you are within range of the fan, on the other hand, the wall control is installed on a wall and to use it, you have to go to that particular wall to operate your fan such as change speed levels.

Looking to purchase a Kichler Ceiling Fan?

Kichler Winslow Collection – Link Ceiling Fan

The “link” fan is known as the modern marvel of engineering as it contains everything in one. This ceiling fan is not an ordinary one but it is different as well as special that is what Kichler is.

If you give preference to artistic pieces, this model is for you. Its two-blade system can generate a lot of airflow with its unique look. It is also equipped with a remote control too – that proves it to be modern right? The fan has 6-speed settings, along with forward and reverse directions.

The Kichler Link ceiling fan features different finishes when it comes to blade color combinations.

Kichler Gentry 65″ Ceiling Fan

The 65″ Kichler Gentry Ceiling Fan – is another big fan. Its massive 65-inch blade span enables it to generate a large quantity of air. It has an anvil iron finish. Due to its style and finish, it has the ability to settle in different décor settings including classic, rustic and modern. The fan comes with a built-in lighting fixture. Both the fan as well as the light kit are powerful, illuminating 1600 lumens of light output which is very impressive as compared with the airflow.

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