Kichler Ceiling Fan Remote Model uc7206t

Are you looking for a replacement for the Kichler ceiling fan remote model uc7206t? When we did the search online, we came to know that a lot of websites are providing help and claiming that they have this part. When we did research on Amazon, we got some Kichler remote controls. However, we were not able to locate the exact uc7206t wording in the listing. But there are various third-party remote controls that can be compatible with the uc7206t model, but it is hard to say whether they will work with it or not.

Wayfair Kichler Remotes

After looking at the Wayfair website, we saw that they also have some Kichler replacement remotes. You may have to dig further on their website in order to find the part you need.

When searching for the Kichler ceiling fan uc7206t remote, we have seen some replacement remotes on Wayfair’s website, however, the product descriptions do not say if they are actually the replacements for the part number uc7206t.

Does this remote have a similar look as uc7206t? Wayfair’s website does not indicate whether the remote is for this part number or not, if you are able to locate the confirmed replacement for uc7206t please leave a comment to tell us.

My Kichler ceiling fan remote model uc7206t is not working. What to do?

If your remote is not working, then you can go with the standard troubleshooting steps discussed below. This includes the videos to help you with this.

If the remote has stopped working, try the following steps:
1) Replace the batteries

2) Check if they are paired properly. Do they have dip switches or another form of programming the remote?

3) Is there a pull chain that you can use to spin the fan?

4) Has anything changed recently in your remote or the ceiling fan – anything at all?

If you are still facing the issue, you should check our Kichler ceiling fan remote troubleshooting guide. This covers the topic in detail that will help you to solve the problems when the remote is not responding to the fan.

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