Kichler Ceiling Fan Remote Programming

When you want to change the speed as well as the direction of your fan, your ceiling fan remote comes in handy, your fan can be controlled with ease using a wall-mounted or hand-controlled remote. In this article, you will learn about Kichler ceiling fan remote programming instructions or how to reset it.

How to Reset Kichler Fan Remote – DC Motor Ceiling Fan

  1. Switch on your Kichler fan.
  2. Press and hold the airflow direction button until you see the light kit blink two times.
  3. If it is without a light kit, the fan should do a ¼ turn back and forth and then start running.
  4. Once the fan starts spinning, release the airflow direction button and let the fan go through the programming procedure.
  5. When the programming is complete, the fan will come to a stop.
  6. Press and hold the fan button to test the fan.

AC Motor Ceiling Fan – 16 Frequency Kichler Ceiling Fan Remote Programming

  1. Switch off the power of your Kichler ceiling fan.
  2. Set the dip switches to the same mode on both the receiver and remote or wall control.
  3. Match dip switches in the back or front of the wall control a similar code as they are on the receivers. 
  4. Turn on the fan again.
  5. Pressing and hold the fan button to test the operation.

AC Motor Ceiling Fan – 65k Frequency Kichler Fan Remote Pairing 

  1. Turn off the ceiling fan power for 60 seconds.
  2. Turn on the power and return to the fan within 60 seconds.
  3. For 5 seconds, press and hold the ‘learn’ button inside the remote. After releasing the learn button, the next step is to check the function of the remote and the fan. 

In order to enjoy the cooling experience, check the instruction manual of your fan to get detailed information about your specific model.

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